Cinema 1 :: BRAHMS: THE BOY 2

Cinema 1 :: BRAHMS: THE BOY 2

Liza (Katie Holmes) grows increasingly concerned about her son Jude (Christopher Convery), whose behavior is getting odd. When she discovers a teddy bear who has been torn to shreds, their therapist, Dr. Lawrence (Anjali Jay), encourages her to find a safe space for their son.Liza, her husband Sean (Owain Yeoman) and Jude move to one of secondary houses of the secluded Heelshire mansion. When they go to explore the mansion, Jude hears a mysterious voice calling out to him in the woods and uncovers Brahms the doll, buried in the ground. When he brings Brahms back to the house, Liza helps clean him up, but when Jude says the doll tells him things, she investigates its history and discovers a series of gruesome murders tied to the doll. It soon becomes apparent that there is more to Brahms than meets the eye.

  •   This film is rated: 14A
  •   Runtime: 86 min
  •   Language: English
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    Canadian Connection : Filmed in Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia.Director:William Brent BellStudio:Elevation PicturesProducer(s):Eric Reid, Gary Lucchesi, Jim Wedaa, Matt Berenson, Richard S. Wright, Roy Lee, Tom RosenbergCast:Katie Holmes, Ralph Ineson, Owain Yeoman, Christopher Convery, Joely CollinsWriter(s):Stacey Menear

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