À Venir :: A quite Place Day One

Cinéma 4 :: A quite Place Day One

Sam (Lupita Nyong'o) is a cancer patient living in a hospice. When the hospice brings them to Manhattan to attend a show, she goes mainly because she's been promised pizza. While they're at the theater, aliens crash land into the streets of New York and people begin screaming. They soon discover that these monsters can only detect their prey by noise.Sam and her service cat, Frodo, hide along with others in the theater, but not everyone can keep their fear quiet. Out on the streets of New York, as swarms of people head along the streets to get on boats, she's determined to get pizza from her favorite pizza place, Patsy's. She runs into a stranger named Eric (Joseph Quinn) and tries to steer him towards the boats, but he's too traumatized and wants to stay with her. They discover it's more difficult than they could imagine to not make a sound, not even a small sound.

  •   Ce film est évalué: 14A
  •   Durée: 99 min
  •   Language: Anglais
  •   Séances à partir du 12 juil.:
    Ven 2:05 PM 7:00 PM 9:15 PM
    Sam 2:05 PM 7:00 PM 9:15 PM
    Dim 2:05 PM 7:20 PM X
    Lun X X X
    Mar 2:05 PM 7:20 PM X
    Mer 7:20 PM X X
    Jeu 7:20 PM X X

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